Thursday, August 30, 2007

From the Illustrator's notebook

I tried to find out what sort of character William Beech is.

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created in Inspiration by Olivia
Literature Circles round 2 chapters 5-8

From the Summariser's notebook


written by Robin
Literature Circles round 2 chapters5-8

Thursday, August 16, 2007

From the Illustrator's notebook

As the Illustrator, I chose one scene from Chapters 1-4 to illustrate. I chose the scene where Mr Tom and Willie go to the shops. Willie is allowed to buy one sweet and a comic.


drawn by Robin
Literature Circles Chapters 1-4

From the Actor's notebook

As the Actor, I turn part of the story into a drama script. I chose this scene featuring Willie and Tom and wrote the following script.

Tom-Hello Willie why are you huddled under your bed.

Willie-I had a bad dream and wet th bed sir

Tom-Come on boy i’ll carry you down stairs with the sheets.

Willie-Yes sir.

Tom-Are you hot Willie.

Willie-Yes I am mister.

Tom-You look sick.

Willie-I am sir.

Willie-Sorry for wetting the bed sir, Sorry mister, Sorry mister, Sorry mister.

Tom-I’ll take your clothes out.

Willie-I can’t go out without my socks sir pleas mister I can’t.

Tom-Why not.

Willie-My legs mister I don’t want everyone to see the marks of my sins on my legs.

Tom-Fine heres your socks.

Tom-here is your breakfast.

Willie-Thankyou mister.

Tom-Blimmin blue.

Tom-Here willie write a message on this post card for your mother

written by Oliver
Literature Circles Chapters 1-4

From the Predictor's notebook

Being the predictor, I predict that…

the night that Mrs Fletcher knocked at the door for an unexpected visit, will be the night that Willies new found happiness is shattered. I predict this because ... It was a stormy night and Willie had just gone to sleep, when there was a visit by Mrs Fletcher. On a night like this, that would be the last thing you would expect! As soon as Mrs Fletcher walks in the door, there is no time for ‘dilly dally’ Willie will find that he has to go back to London to live with his mother. “Hitler is coming and there’s no time to dawdle!”

Written by Indiana
Literature Circle Chapters 1-4

From the Travel Tracer's notebook

I am the Travel Tracer for round one. In this role I track the route of a character during the events in Chapters 1-4. In this Travel Tracer, I track Willie.

Written by Olivia
Literature Circles Chapters 1-4

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

From the Characteriser's notebook

As the characteriser, I found evidence of different character traits from the book. I completed my work in Inspiration, and made a character map.
Picture 4

written by Honour
Literature Circles Chapters1-4

From the Poet's notebook

As the Poet, I tried to write some lines related to the events and ideas in the book. I tried to used in these lines of poetry because we have been learning about them.

The grave beside Tom’s house was as quiet as the road in the very early mornings. (pg.14)

The small stone angel’s letters in the grave was as faded as the tip of a mountain of a cold winter’s day. (pg.15)

Young Willie was as quiet as the morning breeze just outside your window on a early winter’s day . (pg.1 )

Old Tom Oakley had a accent as strong as the countryside people who lives in farm and meadows.
(all pages where Tom talks)

written by Jin
Literature Circles Chapters 1-4

From the Summariser's notebook

As the Summariser, I had to find the key points from Chapters 1-4 and write them in a paragraph.

'Willie Beech is a skinny, wimpy little 8year old boy who is an evacuee from London in World War II. He is evacuated, because of the declaration of World War II, to stay with Thomas Oakley, who is known as the village grump/hermit of little Weirworld.

When Tom unpacks Willie’s brown paper carrier bag he discovers Willie’s toiletries, an old bible, a brown leather belt (I bet we all know what this is for) but no spare clothes. Willie’s mother has sewn his winter clothes together and Thomas cuts the thread so Willie can actually take the clothes off.

Willie is afraid of Tom’s dog Sammy because his mother has told him that dogs are poisonous.

Willie wets his pants and has a nightmare that he is going to die. When Willie wakes up the next morning he won’t go anywhere without his socks to cover his sins.

Willie and Tom go into town on a cart pulled by a horse named Dobbs. Tom notices Willie is tired and pale so he lets him have a rest in the back of the cart.

Tom and Willie stop outside the newsagents. Willie can’t decide which lolly he wants because he has never been asked to choose something before.'

written by Maria
Literature Circles Chapters 1-4

From the Word Wizard's notebook

As Word Wizard, I had to find words in the the book that I did not understand. I looked up the meanings of the words using a dictionary and thesaurus.
Picture 6

written by Phoebe
Literature Circles Chapters 1-4

From Discussion Director's notebook

As Discussion Director, I had to think of questions about Chapters 1-4. I used the 6 thinking hats to frame my questions. I used evidence from the book to make sure my questions were the best I could do.
Picture 5

written by Josh
Literature Circles chapters 1-4

Monday, August 6, 2007

Literature Circles

One group of our Y7 class using literature circles to read Goodnight Mister Tom.

During the course of this literature circle, students will take on the roles of:

Discussion Director
Word Wizard
Travel Tracer
Character Tracer
Scene Writer
Poetic Connector
These roles are rotated over a period of weeks. After each rotation, the students will publish their work related to their specific role.

As blogging is new to these students and for the sake of net safety, all posts are published by a teacher, but they are all the original work of the students.
Follow their thoughts and discoveries here on this blog, and please leave them your feedback.

(This is the one and only blog entry written by a teacher).