Wednesday, August 15, 2007

From the Summariser's notebook

As the Summariser, I had to find the key points from Chapters 1-4 and write them in a paragraph.

'Willie Beech is a skinny, wimpy little 8year old boy who is an evacuee from London in World War II. He is evacuated, because of the declaration of World War II, to stay with Thomas Oakley, who is known as the village grump/hermit of little Weirworld.

When Tom unpacks Willie’s brown paper carrier bag he discovers Willie’s toiletries, an old bible, a brown leather belt (I bet we all know what this is for) but no spare clothes. Willie’s mother has sewn his winter clothes together and Thomas cuts the thread so Willie can actually take the clothes off.

Willie is afraid of Tom’s dog Sammy because his mother has told him that dogs are poisonous.

Willie wets his pants and has a nightmare that he is going to die. When Willie wakes up the next morning he won’t go anywhere without his socks to cover his sins.

Willie and Tom go into town on a cart pulled by a horse named Dobbs. Tom notices Willie is tired and pale so he lets him have a rest in the back of the cart.

Tom and Willie stop outside the newsagents. Willie can’t decide which lolly he wants because he has never been asked to choose something before.'

written by Maria
Literature Circles Chapters 1-4

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