Monday, September 3, 2007

From the Actor's notebook

As the actor, I have taken a short piece of the story, put it in to my own words, mostly, and turned it into a play scene.

GEORGE: “Look! Look! It’s a swallow!”

WILLIE: “Wot’s a swallow?”

GEORGE: “Up there, look!”

WILLIE: “Isn’t a swallow something you do when you eat or prevent yourself from crying?” He thought.

In Dobbs’ field…
GINNY: “Isn’t she gorgeous?” She said, stroking her mane.

WILLIE: “Yeah?” He said, unsure of wether he meant it or not.

GEORGE: “Cum’on, let’s climb over the gate!” He said, half way up the gate already. “G’d evening Mr Oakly!”

MR OAKLY: “G’d evening George! Like to see the shealter?”
By Indiana
Literature Circles round 2 chapters 5-8

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mrs b said...

Indiana, I really like the way you took a piece of text from the book and changed it into a dialogue. Well done!