Monday, September 10, 2007

From the Actor's notebook

As the actor/actress, I had to choose a scene from chapters 9-12 and change the scene into a script. My scene is the morning of Willie's birthday.

(Willie is sound asleep in his bed)

Willie- (Stirs from his sleep and leaps out of bed) (yawns)

Tom- (comes into Willie’s room) Mornin’ boy! Oh and before I forget, Happy Birthday!

(Tom helps Willie get changed and they go downstairs)

Willie- (sitting by himself at a table writing lines on a piece of paper)

Tom- (walks in and looks over Willie’s shoulder) Practicin’ your writin’ eh?

Willie- (scrunches his face at the paper and then turns to Tom) Ummm… Yes, Sir.. I mean Mister Tom (turns back to the paper and starts writing again)

Tom- (pats Willies head) Such a clever little lad.

Willie- (Smiles but then stares hard at the paper, Tries to sound out the sentence) am.. Wi.. Wi.. Wi

Tom- What’s that lad? (Takes a look at the paper) Ah… Try sound it out I a-m Wil-li-am Bee-ch.

Willie- (stares hard at the paper) I… am… Wi.. Wi…

Tom- (Picks the paper up and looks at it) That’s very neat handwritin’ you got there boy.

Willie- (smiles weakly)

written by Maria
Literature Circles round 3 chapters 9-12

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