Wednesday, October 17, 2007

From the Actor's notebook

My act is from the scene when Willie and Jack meet after the meeting in the hall.

Willie: “So what did ya think about the meetin.”
(Willie and Zach slowly approach Littles’Gate)

Zach: “ Well, the meeting was okay but I wasn’t really
listening because I was eating some
(Zach took out a pack of gobstoppers from his
pants and offered Willie one)

Willie: “Thanks a lot.”

Zach: “ Let’s meet at my house tomorrow afternoon
and talk a bit more about what we are gonna
when we go to Spooky Cott.

Willie: “ Ok, so we’re going to meet at your house then.”
“ I’ll hav to check with Mister Tom though.”

Zach: “ All right then, see ya around.”

Willie: “ Ok , bye.”
(Willie and Zach wave to each other and head of
in different directions)

written by Robin
Literature Circles round 4 - Chapters 13-16

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