Wednesday, October 17, 2007

From the Summariser's notebook

My summary of Chapters 17-20

After Willie went home Tom went looking for him. He got to the house and tried to get in but no one answered he got the night watch people to come and bash the door down. Sam went up to the cupboard and sniffed.

Tom found Willie in the cupboard with a baby in his arms the baby had been long dead but Tom thought better to tell Willie and make him more upset. Willie went off to hospital with Tom and Sam.

Willie lay in the hospital bed after the injection, he just had to stop him screaming. That night Tom kidnapped Willie and took him back to Little Weir World where he belonged. At home Willie had nightmares about being at hospital and having to have the needle put into his body to put him to sleep. After his had the biggest scream of his life his nightmares stoped and his was getting better and better each day.

Then one day Zach came to see Willie and after Willie had the biggest breakfast he had ever seen Zach went up and the two friends talked and talked. The day after Willie saw Zach He went to Mrs Hartridge the schoolteacher, he went up to the house to say “Hi” then got invited in by her to see her new little baby she was lying down in her pram. Then after Tom came and picked him up.

Tom took Sam, Willie and Zach to the sea to go on Zach new bicycle for a ride. For two weeks they stayed with an old lady by the sea her name was Mrs Clarence they a lovely dinner and breakfast then went off for a walk and picnic on the beach. They went swimming and then decided to by swimsuits. They played cricket on the beach and had fun building sand castles and collecting seashells. One day after spending the day at the beach Tom started reading the paper the front headlines gave a bug shock to Zach “ South West London Blitzed, Malden Badly Hit.” Zach rand up Mrs and Mr Little to see if his parents had rung, they had they were safe and had not been affected by the Blitzed.
After the two weeks they went home sad to leave the sea but glad to get home after such a long time away.

When they got home on the table were lots of welcome home cards and gifts. Then out of the darkness came Carrie she stood back and said out of nowhere “I’ve passed the exam. I got a scholarship. I’m to be a high-school girl.”

On the last Saturday of the holidays, Zach, Willie, George, and the twins they all decided to go to look at Spooky Cott.
When they got to a hose in the middle of the woods they heard a noise like the organ Mr Tom Plays they looked through the door it was very dark in side the little house. They went in the Willie fell back and screamed a man in his twenties with brown wavy hair and blue eyes. After talking with the man Willie told him he loved to draw and paint then the young man said he would give Willie lessons on how to paint and draw Willie thanked him a said he would love to.

When Willie got home Tom had some visitors they told Willie that his mum had committed suicide and that he was an orphan and would have to go into a home. He went up to his room while Tom talked to the people. Willie kept saying to Sam I’m not going, I’m not going! Then he went down stairs here was Mr Tom by himself I’m adoptin’ you boy it means I’m going to be your dad soon.

written by Phoebe
Literature Circles round 5 - Chapters 17-20

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