Wednesday, October 17, 2007

From the Predictor's notebook

My prediction is what will happen after Tom has adopted Willie.

Now that Tom has decided to adopt Will, he is happy and very grateful to be living with Mister Tom.
As the predictor, I predict that there will be an air raid or an attack on Little Weirwold. I think their house that they have lived in for so long will be destroyed, so to keep them out of danger, I think Mister Tom, Will and all of the other citizens of Little Weirwold will have to go into hiding in a place that has not been attacked and destroyed, or a safe place.
I think that Mister Tom and Will, will find a safe place to live for the time-being and live off left over food scraps, but still survive together.
I think there will be some people who will not want to leave Little Weirwold because they don’t want to leave their homes and they might not want to believe that Hitler and his army are attacking their quiet, country town. But I think there might be some people who will not be as lucky surviving or some people who will lose family members.
I think this will happen because there have already been attacks and air raids on other parts of England so I think Hitler will attack on a quieter town. I think some people might die because usually people don’t want to believe the worst and don’t want to abandon their homes and leave their friends.

By Olivia.
Literature Circles round 5 - Chapters 17-20

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