Wednesday, October 17, 2007

From the Summariser's notebook

My summary of Chapters 13-16

It is Thursday evening and after George reminding him, he makes his way to the church for his first Male Church Choir practice. Mister Tom has agreed to play the organ while the singers sung Christmas carols along with him.
The next day is Willie’s first day in Mrs Hartridge’s class along with his friends. He thinks he is the worst in the class because he has just moved in. After Maths and English it is morning break. There are more lessons and then school is over for the day.
The next day Miss Thorne tells everyone what the next Christmas production would be and when Willie gets home he finds a letter from his mum saying he has to go back to London for a while because she is ill. Mister Tom takes Willie to the station and after they say goodbye to each other he gets on the train for his journey to London. When he gets to London he sees his mum and she doesn’t seem too happy to see him because of all his presents and he seems more confident and he has better clothes.
When they get home, they see a baby trying to scream but with tape covering his mouth. His mum gets really angry with Willie for not learning his bible stories properly. His mum also beat him because of making friends with Zach who was a Jew and didn’t go to church. He was locked under the cupboard under the stairs with new bruises.
Back in Little Weirwold, Mister Tom is missing Willie so takes the first train to London and gets two wardens and a policeman to show him where Willie lived. They get there and the policeman kicks the door down, and they enter the house to a very bad smell.

By Olivia
Literature Circles round 4 - Chapters 13-16

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