Wednesday, October 17, 2007

From the Predictor's notebook

I am predicting what will happen after the police looked in the hole to see what was in there.

I predict that when the police look into the hole they find William and the baby in there with their mouth’s taped because when Willie was picked up from the station his mother taped the baby’s mouth to stop her from crying. When they find Will, Tom will be happy and joyful. Also I think that William’s mum has hurt him more than usual when he came back to London. His mum may not come back to the house and that the mum may be sick in the mind or that she might be sick from having the baby. Mister Tom might ask for William to come back to the countryside and William will say yes and might never want to come back to London to face his mother because he’s afraid of her. They also would take the baby so she would never get hurt like William has been. Mrs Beech will get arrested for leaving children at home.

By Honour
Literature Circles round 4 - Chapters 13-16

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