Wednesday, October 17, 2007

From the Poet's notebook

My poem is an acrostic poem about Willie and Mister Tom.

Picture 6

written by Robin
Literature Circles round 5 - Chapters 17-20


Mrs. Spear said...

I love how you take your literature circle to the next level! My own children have been involved in literature circles, but never in a blog. This is a great example of using web2.0 in the classroom. Very nice! Here's a post from my blog in which I refer to yours!

Tessa said...

Fantastic work you guys! I clicked on this link from a webreaders wiki because when I was in Year 8 I read and loved Goodnight Mr Tom. I am now a teacher of Year 4 and 5's and I might have to get my class started on a blog or wiki about the books they have read!!

javieth said...

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